Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just a Glimpse...

Yesterday, I had what Andy Stanley (have I mentioned we're groupies??) would refer to as a 'defining moment'.

It was actually very profound for me. We had gotten home late on Sunday night from Talladega (which was awesome, btw...yes I realize how redneck that sounds!)...on Monday we went to lunch at my favorite place-Chuys...then came home--James and I sat down with Abby to watch a movie but told Hayden he needed to go lay down and take a nap. Obviously, Hayden has outgrown the need for a daily nap, and was not at all happy about having to take one. In fact, in all honesty he acted pretty much like a 2 year old and threw a fit...crying and all.

What Hayden didn't know was that James and my Dad were taking him to the Preds playoff game...and the puck dropped at 8:00. (He's usually in bed at...oh about 8:30). So, as his parents we knew he NEEDED to take that nap so that he could enjoy the game...and I'll be honest, it broke my heart to see him crying because he didn't understand WHY we would make him do this. It was so difficult for me not to just say, "Hayden-here's the deal...you're going to the preds game tonight but if you don't take a nap you're going to be so tired you won't have any fun". I could have told him, but that would have taken away the whole experience of the surprise.

So...what was my defining moment? My 8 almost 9 year old son cries like a baby when he's told to take a nap???

Well, no that was not my defining moment...while I was sitting there thinking, "Hayden, just trust us" it hit me-I wonder how many times God has said the same to me. How many times have I been in the midst of my own all out tantrum because I didn't like how things were playing out...and God's heart was breaking because He knew what He had to allow me to go thru was for the best in the grand scheme of things?

I feel like God gave me a tiny glimpse yesterday of how much He truly loves us. My heart ached for my son, because I know he didn't understand and his feelings were hurt that we were making him go to bed when the rest of us stayed up and watched a movie...I wanted to give in, (I REALLY WANTED TO GIVE IN) but if I had the plan would not have worked out like it did.
I believe that God grieves with us when we are going thru those trials we face, I believe His heart breaks for his children...and I believe when He choses not to intervene the way we think it should be handled..it's because His plan would work out so much better than ours....he's saying "Just trust me, I love you so much...and what I have planned for you is better than what you could think up yourself...so just trust me--it will be worth it".


Josette said...

Thanks for posted that Monica, I really needed some hope after a very trying day. You gave me a minute to step back and think. Things dont look as bad as I was thinking its just all part of Gods plans and the process.