Saturday, March 6, 2010


You can ask my husband...there are not many times I'm caught speechless, but this morning at about 8:30am it happened...I was speechless.

Since you're reading this probably have read the previous post about the ring...the ring for sale to help raise money for the adoption. I knew God was telling me to do it (I knew I didn't want to do it...just being honest)...but when I finally gave it over I felt a peace about it. I was excited to see what happened with this ring.

The bidding ended this morning at $560.00--I was thrilled...that we had gotten more than $100 for it. :) But I'll be honest, I did cry just a little when it was over. But then I saw that I knew the person who had won the bid...I was so excited. I was excited because I wanted someone to get it that would in a sense respect it for more than just a good deal. I took the ring off...put it in the box...wrapped it in ribbon...and then got a message from the bidder.

Payment has been sent, but we want you to keep the ring. My response was No....I appreciated it but I couldn't do that. THAT was not the deal. But they insisted...and then oh, I took the ring out of the box--I cried...little bit of sob...ugly cry. Abby kept asking me what was wrong, I told her I was happy...she thought I'd lost my mind.

The person who won the bid has asked to remain anonymous-which I'll be honest, I don't like because I want EVERYONE to know how great they are. I want everyone to know what a impact they've made on our lives...and I don't think there are words that can adequately relay this to this couple. But I respect them...and I know that God knows what they did...and my prayer is that God will pour down blessings upon beyond what they could ever imagine for being so generous to us.

My sister-in-law, Kristin, gave me an excellent give the ring to Olivia when she gets older. I love it. It seems that's what I'll do. I can't wait till I get to give this to her one day and tell her the story of a couple's generosity to help us bring her home.

We were overwhelmed by so much support we received from our friends, families, and even strangers...those that would pass along our post to others to get the word out. To each of you--Thank you...


Danni said...

love, love, LOVE this! What an amazing testimony! And I love Kristen's suggestion of giving the ring to Olivia - so perfect!

mims said...

Hi I am Danielle Thompson's friend she told me that she was going to tell you that I was getting in touch... I would LOVE to order some of your necklaces.....
I'm on fb as Mims Driscoll or you can email me at

I love hearing about your story and I think it is amazing what you and the Thompsons are doing and your heart for adoption....

Look forward to hearing from you
Mims Driscoll

Demara said...

oh my. you are brave and your faith!? Wow! is all I can say. you are amazing! and God ever more so. I'm glad you were able to keep the ring afterall. These people that donated to this plan for your family is beautiful. I wonder when God will bless us with a child, or if He even will. We've been waiting for a few years now and it's hard. But I am a bit relieved that my husband doesn't want kids, but then sometimes part of me is even more distraught at the thought that we may never have an offspring. Sooo I'm trying to fall in love with this unexpected life that has been given me! I always thought I'd be a Mom married to a man who wanted to be a Father :(